Tucson Air Conditioning

Tucson Air Conditioning by Cool Breeze Comfort SolutionsHere at Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions, we offer a wide range of air conditioning services designed to meet the many and varied needs of our customers in the Greater Tucson area. Whether you’re looking into having a system installed for the first time or just need someone to take care of regular maintenance on your existing system, we have the expert technicians to get the job done right.

Tucson Air Conditioning Service

Our highly trained Tucson air conditioning technicians are able to work on all types of systems. No matter who installed your air conditioner or how old it is, we can take care of any problems you may be having with it. Since you usually don’t find out there’s a problem with your air conditioner until you need to use it, you want to get it taken care of fast, and we’re here to help.

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Tucson Air Conditioning Installation

We also do full installations of new air conditioners and central air conditioning systems. Depending on the layout and size of your house, your needs in this department will vary considerably. With the wide range of products we offer, you should have no trouble finding the right model to suit your particular situation.

Of course, figuring out what you need isn’t always a straightforward process. That’s why our AC technicians can help you by inspecting your home and making recommendations based on the information you provide. We’ll gladly take the time to help you understand how each different type of system works and why we think a particular one is right for your home.

AC Units We Offer

No air conditioning problem is too big or too small for our technicians to handle. Whether you just need to cool one or two rooms or you want to install a large central air conditioning system for a large building, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done.

You certainly want to make sure your home stays cool, but you don’t want to be paying more than necessary either. If you’re trying to cool a smaller space, you may be best off with a smaller ductless split unit. These are comprised of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit and can keep a few rooms cool very effectively. This is ideal for a smaller home or for a new addition you’ve just put on.

Larger packaged air conditioners are more suitable for larger homes and spaces. These involve using a system of ducts to deliver cooled air throughout your house. The installation of this type of air conditioning system is a bit more complex than that of the split models, but it is much more effective for a moderately sized home.

Whether you’re putting a system in as part of new construction or want to add it to an existing building, we can take care of all of your central air conditioning needs. Central air conditioning is also an option for a larger home, which is why our technicians can come out and take a look at your house before making their final recommendations.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Tucson

We offer the best when it comes to energy efficient air conditioning units in the Tucson including top energy efficient brands like TRANE, Amana and Goodman. We think you’ll be quite pleased with the savings you see on your very next energy bill. With the regular maintenance you should be seeing that savings for many years to come.

To find out more about air conditioning repair and maintenance, give Cool Breeze a call today. We’d love to hear from you.